Auto Page RF-302 Automobile Alarm User Manual

User manual for the device Auto Page RF-302 Automobile Alarm

Auto Page RF-302 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Congratulations on your purchase of the RF-302 vehicle securitysystem.AutoPage, Inc. is one of the companies with the longest history andexperience in vehicle security in the United States and a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Iwata Electric Co., of Tokyo, Japan. Iwata has been anindustry leader for 40 years, establishing a reputation for ingenuity inits engineering capability and innovative communication products.AutoPage and Iwata maintain the long tradition of providing the bestvalue to their custo

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RF-302RF-302 OPERATION INSTRUCTIONSA.REMOTE CONTROL TRANSMITTER OPERATION1. ARM/DISARMTO ARM THE RF-302Press the ON/OFF button once to arm.The siren will chirp one (1) time, thelights will flash, and all doors will lock.(*)TO DISARM THE RF-302Press the ON/OFF button once todisarm. The siren will chirp two (2) times, the lights will flash, and alldoors will unlock.(*)NOTE(*): Your vehicle must be equipped with power door locks andoptional relays may be required to allow alarm control over the veh

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RF-3023. PANIC FUNCTIONThe RF-302 remote control may be used as a remote panic switch totrigger the siren in cases of emergency. To activate the PANICFUNCTION press and hold the ON/OFF button on the remote transmitterfor a minimum of 3 seconds. The siren will sound. To stop the PANICFUNCTION press the ON/OFF button on the transmitter.4. THE PRE-WARNING SENSOR CIRCUIT (If installed)The RF-302 offers an option to pre-warn possible violators with sirenchirps before triggering the alarm. The alarm w

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RF-302To replace the battery, carefully remove thecase screw located at the end of the remotewhere the key ring attaches to the case.Use a small blade Phillips screwdriver.Before removing the battery note the+direction of its terminals. Install the newbattery exactly the same, using caution soas not to bend, or otherwise damage thebattery contacts. Replace the case cover and carefully tighten the screw.Do not over-tighten the screw! Test the transmitter to insure it arms anddisarms the alarm.B.1

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RF-302NOTE: Both VALET and OVERRIDE functions are performed from thesame switch.1. OVERRIDE FUNCTIONThe OVERRIDE FUNCTION may be used if the RF-302 remote is lost orinoperative. To operate the OVERRIDE FUNCTION, enter the vehicle(siren will sound); switch the vehicle ignition to ON. Move theVALET/OVERRIDE switch to ON; then OFF; the siren will stop. The RF302 will be disarmed. Quickly replace or service the remote transmitterto insure continued vehicle protection.2. VALET FUNCTIONThe RF-302 may

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RF-3021. PASSIVE ARMINGIf you choose the PASSIVE (automatic) mode, the system must beoperated as below.1. Switch OFF vehicle ignition, exit vehicle, and be sure all protectedopenings are closed.2. The LED STATUS INDICATOR will begin fast flashing and thepassive arming timer will begin counting down.3. If you re-open the exit the LED will stop flashing.4. Close the exit, and the LED will start flashing again.5. The RF-302 will count down for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds,the siren will chirp 1 tim

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RF-302Approach the vehicle and press the ON/OFF remote transmitter button.The siren will chirp 2 times and the lights will flash to indicate the RF302 is disarmed.G.AUTOMATIC RE-ARMINGThe RF-302 is equipped with an automatic re-arming circuit that willreturn the alarm to a fully armed state if a door is not opened within 60seconds after disarming. This automatic re-arming circuit can beeliminated at the time of installation.H.BREACH WARNINGThe RF-302 is equipped with BREACH WARNING to tell you,

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RF-3021. Open any door or other protected opening. The siren will soundinstantly, and the lights will flash.2. If optional sensors have been installed, arm the RF-302 and testaccording to the directions of the particular sensor installed.If triggered in the armed condition, the RF-302 will sound its siren andflash the lights for 60 seconds; then it will stop and automatically resetand rearm. If the violation continues, the alarm will sound and lights willflash for two 60 second cycles.K.PROGRAMM

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RF-3024.Turn the ignition switch "ON/OFF", "ON/OFF". The siren will chirpone (1) time. You are now in the programming mode.5.Press the ON/OFF button on one of the remote transmitters until thealarm siren responds with a confirming chirp. The first transmitter isnow programmed.6.Within five (5) seconds, press the ON/OFF button on the secondtransmitter until the alarm siren responds with a confirming chirp.The second transmitter is now programmed. NOTE: If the RF-302does not receive a second code

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RF-302Enter the programming mode on vehicle #1 and push the ON/OFFbutton on the transmitter for Vehicle #1. The alarm siren will respondwith a confirming chirp. Within five (5) seconds, push the AUX. button onthe transmitter for Vehicle #2. The alarm siren will respond with aconfirming chirp. Both transmitters are now programmed to Vehicle #1.VEHICLE #2Enter the programming mode on Vehicle #2 and push the AUX. buttonon the first transmitter used for Vehicle #1. The alarm siren will respondwith a

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RF-302AUTOPAGE ALARM ACCESSORIESAP-4000DX Paging SystemVehicle security paging was originated by AutoPage over 18 years ago.The AP4000DX is our latest version providing a full four watts of outputpower to signal a handsome belt-clip paging receiver indicating yourRF-302 has been triggered, even if you cannot hear the siren.RS-32 Dual Stage Perimeter Protection SensorThe RS-32 uses a microwave frequency to detect field disturbancewithin a contained area. The RS-32 is ideal for detecting a violati

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RF-302sensors, the SIS-10 has a LED and potentiometer for easy sensitivityadjustment.MSEN-KITThe MSEN-KIT includes two pre-wired Micro Resonance Sensors and aspecial triggering amplifier. These special sensors are designed to bemounted within the vehicle door or on the door post near the latchingmechanism that keeps the door closed. When properly adjusted, theywill respond to the frequency caused by metal-to-metal contact, such asa lock pick, screwdriver, or professional door opening tools inser

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LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY PROVISIONS(U.S. and Continental U.S. Only)1. AutoPage, Inc. WARRANTS that this new unit has been thoroughlyinspected and tested at the factory prior to delivery. Your AutoPage equipmentis guaranteed for "life" to the origin al purchaser/user of the equipment under thefollowing conditions: If the product proves defective (according to AutoPage'stesting) within the first year, the defective unit may be exchanged or repairedfree of charge. "Proof of Purchase" (dated sales

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RF-302LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESSFOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.7 AutoPage shall not be liable, under the foregoing WARRANTIES orotherwise, for: Any personal injury of any kind to the purchaser, its employeesor agents or anyone else whomsoever resulting directly or indirectly from the useor presence of the equipment or parts; Consequential damages of any kind; Anyinability of the purchaser to use the equipment.13

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This WARRANTY CARD is for your record. However, AutoPage reserves theright to request you to submit this WARRANTY CARD which must have completeinformation to receive warranty service. Please keep this card in a secured place.AUTOPAGE WARRANTY SERVICE CARDModel RF-302Serial#______________________________CUSTOMER TO COMPLETEMr/Mrs/Ms__________________________________________________Your Name (Please print)__________________________________________________Address____________________________________

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