Crimestopper Security Products CS-2016DP-FM Automobile Alarm User Manual

User manual for the device Crimestopper Security Products CS-2016DP-FM Automobile Alarm

Crimestopper Security Products CS-2016DP-FM Automobile Alarm User Manual

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CS-2016DP-FM The Informer II™DP SERIES (DATA PORT)2-Way FM Paging Alarm & Remote Engine Starting SystemOPERATION INSTRUCTIONSINTRODUCTIONCONGRATULATIONS on your choice of the Informer II™ with DP technology by Crimestopper Security Products Inc.This booklet contains the information necessary for operating your system. If any questions arise, contact yourinstallation dealer or Crimestopper Security Products Inc.*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Primary and Optional Features-PRIMARY: These are features

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TABLE OF CONTENTSOperation Cautions & Warnings……..…………..……………………………………………………………………2Transceiver / Pager-Remote……….....…………..……………………………………………………………………3CS-512TW Sidekick Remote Control…………………….…………………………………………………..…...…..4Operating Instructions - Alarm……………………………………………………

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TRANSCEIVER / PAGER-REMOTEPAGER / REMOTE TRANSCEIVER:The hand-held remote transceiver is used to send andreceive information from the vehicle. The Control Moduletransmits High Frequency FM signals from the vehicle to yourover long distances. Your range will vary depending onlocation, terrain, and local RF noise/interference. Thissystem is not guaranteed to page you if you are behindconcrete walls, underground, in a large structure, or in anarea with high levels of electronic interference. Handle

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CS-512TW SIDEKICK REMOTE512TW 1-Way sidekick remote adds flexibility to yourCS-2016DP-FM. You can have the convenience ofoperating your system without needing to carry thelarger pager remote. The Sidekick remote has lessrange and offers all of the same operation featuresexcept for page-back confirmation. See diagram belowfor Sidekick 1-Way remote operation.ButtonFunctionsLock DoorsSystemButton Options&ArmUnlock Doors & DisarmSystemPress twice for second doorunlockTrunk Release (Aux #1)Activates

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS - ALARMActive Arming / Locking:Press button #1 (Lock symbol) on the transceiver. The System will arm emit one sirenchirp, one light flash, and the LED will begin to flash. Power locks will lock (ifequipped). Starter disable circuit will turn on. LCD Pager will beep once whiledisplaying a Down Arrow and a Lock symbol followed by the CSP logo. After a shortdelay to allow the vehicle and electronics to settle, the system will be completely armed.PMARM/LOCKDisarming: / Unlocki

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS - ALARMDisarming While Tripped (Triggered):Disarming the System while it is triggering requires TWO presses of the #2 Unlock Button. The first press ofButton #2 Resets the alarm cycle only (system still armed) while a second press will disarm/unlock the system.Selective Silent Arming/Disarming:To Arm or Disarm the system without sirenchirps, press and release both Buttons #2(Unlock) and #4 (Start) at the same time.System will Arm or Disarm without siren chirps.Flashing lig

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS - ALARMPre-Warning Shock ProtectionThe Pre-warning (warn-away) feature will activate when a low-level shock or vibrationdetected by the system’s shock sensor. The alarm will chirp the siren 5 times andflash the lights once to help deter any further tampering with the vehicle. Thepager/remote will vibrate once and beep (6X’s).PMPassive Arming Mode: (Programmable)PRE-WARNPassive (automatic) arming occurs 30 seconds after the ignition is turned off and thelast door is clo

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS - ALARMEmergency Override (Disarm)If you have lost the transmitter or it stops working for any reason and the Alarm is armed, you will have todisarm the system manually. Open the door with the key [alarm will sound], turn the ignition on, and press theoverride/program button for about 5 seconds. The Alarm will disarm and allow you to use the vehicle until youcan repair/replace the remote. Valet mode also prevents Passive Arming.Valet Mode (Enter manually or using the remot

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REMOTE ENGINE CONTROLREMOTE ENGINE STARTING - SUCCESSFUL START1) Press remote start button on the remote transmitter. System will chirp 3 times for audible confirmation.(Chirps can be programmed on or off-See installation manual.)2) Parking lights flash once, then turn on solid, Ignition/Accessory circuits turn on.3) After a few seconds, Starter Motor engages, Parking lights and Accessory circuits turn off while cranking.4) Engine Starts and Runs. Parking Lights and Accessory turn back on, Doors

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REMOTE ENGINE CONTROLUNSUCCESSFUL REMOTE STARTIn the event that the engine does not start on the first attempt, the system shuts down for a few seconds, thenattempts to restart the engine a 2nd and 3rd time. For hard starting engines, the unit will allow a starter cranktime of up to13 seconds maximum. This should provide ample cranking time for difficult starts, but is limited to13 seconds to help prevent damage to the starter from over cranking.1) If engine starts on 2nd or 3rd attempt, see ste

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REMOTE ENGINE CONTROLIDLE DOWN MODE (TAKE-OVER OPERATION)This mode allows the unit to take over operation of your idling, parked vehicle while the ignition key isremoved and you exit the vehicle. The vehicle is put into a remote running condition before you exit and it willremain running for the programmed run time, until you return, or until the remote start button is pressed.Example:You pull up to a convenience store for a quick stop, "Idle Down" mode keeps engine running when youexit the vehi

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REMOTE ENGINE CONTROLTIMED SELF START MODEThis mode allows the vehicle to be programmed to self-start every 4 hours and run for the programmed runtime. This can be helpful during extremely cold conditions where engine or fluid freeze-up is a concern. !!THEVEHICLE MUST BE OUTDOORS OR IN A WELL VENILATED AREA!!TIMED SELF-START MODE – EXITING THE VEHICLE:1) Have engine running with the Key, then press the Start button on the transmitter.2) Within 10 seconds press the valet/program button once.3)

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OPTIONAL TURBO TIMER MODEOPTIONAL TURBO TIMER MODE:IMPORTANT NOTE: This mode requires the use of an extra part called a momentary switch or buttonthat is not included with the kit. Check with your installer about adding this feature. The optionalTurbo Timer mode allows the your system to keep your vehicle running for 1 to 5 minutes [selectively]after you remove the key, exit the vehicle, and lock the doors remotely [if you own a Turbo or TurboDiesel]. This is handy for turbo cool down without th

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ANTI CARJACK PROTECTIONREMOTE OPERATED CARJACK PROTECTIONThis feature provides Active Carjack protection through the remote control. When the Ignition is on (vehicle isrunning), press and hold the #1 LOCK Button and #3 TRUNK Button for 2 seconds. The parking lights willflash 2 times and the LED will begin to flash rapidly to confirm the beginning of a Carjack countdown. 30Seconds later, the unit will begin a Carjack Cycle consisting of 20 seconds of pre-warning chirps turning into afull system a

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LED DIAGNOSTICSThe CS-2016DP-FM system includes disarm diagnostics, through the RED LED light, that will help indetermining what caused the last trigger of the alarm system. This is a valuable tool in determining how thevehicle was tampered with or if there is a false alarm problem in which case you can make the necessaryadjustments to correct the problem. When the system is disarmed with the remote you will hear the normal 2chirps, then 4 quick chirps that indicate the alarm was triggered while

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2 VEHICLE OPERATION2 VEHICLE CONTROLYour CS-2016DP-FM remotes have the ability to control a second vehicle with a Crimestopper CS-2016DPFM or older CS-2015FM system installed. See diagram below on how to switch your remote(s) to vehicle #2operation.To set up the 2-Vehicle operation you mustfirst program your remotes to Vehicle #2.Follow the “Transmitter Programming”steps (Pg. 15) at the second vehicle andlearn YOUR remote, along with vehicle #2’sexisting remotes.2-VEHCLE OPERATION NOTES:(1

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TROUBLESHOOTING FAQ’s: “BEFORE YOU CALL SECTION”Before calling your dealer or Crimestopper, read the following section for tips that may remedy orexplain your problem.RANGE QUESTIONS (2-Way Pager/Remote):Your CS-2016DP-FM system uses FM High-Frequency signals to send/receive data between the pager andthe vehicle and from the vehicle to the remote for state-of-the-art operation.1) Under normal operation, the distance from the vehicle-paging-the-remote will be greater than that from theremot

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TROUBLESHOOTING continuedWHEN ARMING AND DISARMING MY ALARM HAS IRREGULAR “LONG” SIREN CHIRPS:This is an audible warning that the battery in the LCD pager remote is low. Replace the AAA battery in thepager and your chirps will return to normal.SYSTEM IS NOT SUCCESSFUL AT REMOTE STARTING DURING EXTREME COLD CONDITIONS:Please be aware that during sub-freezing conditions your remote starter may take more that one attempt tostart, or it may not successfully start the vehicle after 3 attempts. Du

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SETTING THE CLOCK (2-WAY- LCD REMOTE)1. Press and hold all 4 buttons of remote control for approximately 3 seconds until remote beeps.2. The minute display will begin flashing. Use the lock and unlock button to change the minute up or downto the correct time and then press button #3 (Trunk) to set the minute value.3. The hour display should begin flashing. Use the lock and unlock button to change the hour up or downto the correct am or pm hour.4. Once the correct time is displayed, wait 6 second