Ultra Start 600 Series Automobile Alarm User Manual

User manual for the device Ultra Start 600 Series Automobile Alarm

Ultra Start 600 Series Automobile Alarm User Manual

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INSTALL GUIDE600 Series Remote Vehicle Security SystemWWW.ULTRASTARTERS.COMTechnical Support- 866.698.5872FCC/ID NoticeThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following conditions:(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and(2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may causeundesired operation.CAUTION: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the part responsible for compliancevoid the user’s

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INSTALL GUIDESECURITY SYSTEMPAGE 2Table of ContentsTable of ContentsComponentsPage 2600 Wiring DiagramPage 3Installation TipsPre-Installation SuggestionsPage 4Installation SuggestionsMounting The ModuleInstalling The LEDInstalling The Program ButtonConnecting The Starter DisableConnecting The Dome Light SupervisionUnder Hood ConnectionsMounting The SirenPage 4Wire Connectors14 Pin Main Harness Connector4 Pin Red Connector- Keyless Entry2 Pin Connector Red- Plug-in LED2 Pin Blue Connector- Plug-i

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INSTALL GUIDESECURITY SYSTEMPAGE 3Wiring DiagramStarterDisableBuilt-in Starter Disable relay (Normally Connected 87a & 30). See page. 5500ma OutputChannel 4PinkConnect to (-) door pin(-) Input(-) Door InputGreenConnect to hood pin(-) InputHood InputBlueConnect to (+) door pin(+) Input(+) Door InputPurpleConnect to Siren3amp Output(+) SirenBrownConnect to park lights15amp Output(+) Park LightsWhiteSee page. 4(+.-) InputDome Light RelayBlk/WhiteSee page. 4(+.-) OutputDome Light RelayBlk/White(-) O

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INSTALL GUIDESECURITY SYSTEMPAGE 4Recommended Pre-Installation ProceduresBEFORE STARTING INSTALLATION:- Discuss the optional system features with the customer.- Take a few minutes to review the installation and owners manuals.- Do a walk around the vehicle and check for any damage.- If installing a LED discuss the placement with customer before installing.Recommended Installation ProceduresMounting the ModuleNever mount the module in the engine compartment. Select a location under the dash to in

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INSTALL GUIDESECURITY SYSTEMPAGE 514 Pin ConnectorPinkGreenBluePurpleBrownWhiteBlk/WhiteBlk/WhiteOrangeGreyYellowBlackRedChannel 4 Output(-) Door Input(-) Hood Input(+) Door Input(+) Siren Output(+) Park lights(+/-) Dome Light(+/-) Dome Light(-) When Armed(-) Trunk ReleaseIgnition InputGround InputMain Power InputProgrammable - See menu 2, setting 5.Negative door pin switch input.Negative input from hood pin switch.Positive door pin switch input.Positive output for siren.Programmable - menu 2, s

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INSTALL GUIDESECURITY SYSTEMPAGE 6Quick Start InstallStep 1 - Connect All Of the Following Wires14 Pin Power ConnectorBlackYellowRedWhiteGreen*Purple*Ground InputIgnition InputMainPower Input(+) Park lights(-) Door Input(+) Door InputSystem ground input.Input from vehicles ignition wire.Positive output for siren.Programmable - menu 2, setting 3.Negative door pin switch input.Positive door pin switch input.*Test for door pin type (Positive or Negative) then connect the appropriate wire (Green or

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SECURITY SYSTEMINSTALL GUIDEPAGE 7Programming OverviewProgram mode allows you to adjust the settings and options of your system.Your system has been intelligently designed by installers with years of experience. The system’sdefault settings do not require any program changes in most cases. However, this system doesincorporate a highly advanced programming system that includes 2 menus with numerous optionsand settings that can be easily adjusted for custom installations and applications.Enterin

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INSTALL GUIDESECURITY SYSTEMPAGE 8Menu 1 - User SettingsSetting 1- Ignition Auto Lock1 Ignition Lock & Unlock Enabled1 Light FlashDoors Lock/Unlock when the key is turned On/Off2 Ignition Lock Only2 Light Flashes Doors Lock when ignition key is turned ON only*3 Ignition Auto Lock Disabled3 Light Flashes Doors do not Lock or Unlock with Ignition keyPress the Valet Switch 1 time to select setting 1 (This will be confirmed by 1 LED flashes)Press and hold the Valet Switch until you receive the appro

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INSTALL GUIDESECURITY SYSTEMPAGE 9Menu 2- Alarm SettingsSetting 1 - Car Finder/ 5th Channel1 Car Finder OFF1 Light FlashCar Finder Mode Disabled*2 Car Finder ON2 Light FlashesCar Finder Mode Enabled**To operate the 5th channel on button #4, setting 7 must be programmed for 5th channel output.Press the Valet Switch 1 time to select setting 1 (This will be confirmed by 1 LED flashes)Press and hold the Valet Switch until you receive the appropriate # of park light flashes and/or siren chirps.Releas

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INSTALL GUIDESECURITY SYSTEMPAGE 10First Car OperationPress Once to Lock the doors and arm the alarm. Hold for Panic Mode.Press a second time and hold for Constant Lock Output.First CarPress once to unlock the doors and disarm the alarmPress and hold for the Trunk / Aux OutputPress this button to activate the 4th channel output.This output can be used to activate additional alarm features.Press once and hold for Car FinderPress and release then hold to activate/deactivate Service Mode.Second Car

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SECURITY SYSTEMINSTALL GUIDEPAGE 11System Service ModeACTIVATING SERVICE MODE1. While the ignition is “ON” press and hold the Program Button for five seconds.The park lights will flash and the siren will chirp five times to confirm that thesystem is in Service Mode.2. While in Service Mode the remote start functions will be disabled and LEDs willbe “ON” steady. Door locks and trunk release are still operational.DEACTIVATING SERVICE MODE1. While the ignition is “ON” press and hold the

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INSTALL GUIDESECURITY SYSTEMPAGE 12DiagnosticsAlarm DiagnosticsIf the alarm system is triggered while armed, the system will retain in memory the cause of thetrigger. The diagnostics can then be used to determine what the cause of the trigger was. Whendisarming the alarm, the siren/horn will chirp 3 times instead of the usual 2 times to indicate thealarm had been triggered.The system’s LED will also flash in pulses to indicate which input triggered the alarm.NOTE: LED status will be cleared wh