Acumen SP500 Automobile Parts User Manual

User manual for the device Acumen SP500 Automobile Parts

Acumen SP500 Automobile Parts User Manual

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Acumen Electronics Ltd15 Glenmore Bus PkColebrook WayAndoverHantsSP10 3GQUKTel; +44 (0)1264 359922Fax; +44 (0)1264 SP500 Universal SpeedoThe speedometer is designed as a universal fit.You will need to perform some slight assembly on it, to suit your own individual requirements.The Acumen Universal Speedometer consists of;1. A Speedometer head sub-assembly. – without fascia2. Electronic pick-up for the speedometer3. Fitting and Literature kit.Fitting ins

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These indicators switch toground/earth to makethem illuminateNOTE!The five indicator LED’sfor;M (miles)K (Kilometers)ODOTRIPCLOCKAre all pre-coloured.These indicators switch to12V to make themilluminateWhen you have decided which indicator does what, use the pre-coloured icons to indicate thepurpose of the indicator. Cut the icon from the sheet and place it on the fascia – by carefullyremoving the fascia from the Acetate sheet – do not touch the adhesive with your bare hands!1; Ease the fa

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Speedo and Trip display filterThe LED’s for the Speedometer and the Trip/ODO/Clock are Red in the standard version and White inthe Special Version. Either version will need some filtration added to enhance the contrast and, therefore,the ‘viewability’ of the display. Acumen has included a selection of filters in the kit for this purpose. Werecommend you try the filters before adding the fascia – then cut the chosen filter to slightly larger thanthe chosen display window and stick to the

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Electrical ConnectionsSpeedometer Wire ColourPurposeRed/BlackIgnition – a circuit which has 12V when the ignition is switched on ANDalso connect to the Red wire of the Speedo readerRed12V – permanent power supplyBlack/GreenLED Indicator number 2 – switches to ground/earth/0VWhiteLED Indicator number 3 – switches to 12VBlackGround/earth ANDalso connect to the Green wire of the Speedo readerBlueLED Indicator number 5 – switches to 12VYellowSpeedometer signal – connect to the BLUE wire

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Calibrating the Speedo to your motorcycle –The speedo needs to let you know, accurately, what speed you are doing and what distance you havedone. You therefore need to enter a calibration code.To do this, look at the attached chart which will give you a code dependent upon the tyre size that thespeedo reader head is mounted on. The chart will give you a code – 01, 02, 03.To enter calibration mode;Hold down the MOD button and THEN turn on the ignition. The speedo will show all “8’s” as

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Speedo Calibration CodeTyreType15” RoadSizeSpeedoCalibrationCode140/90150/90170/80200/703333350-16500-16100/80100/90110/90120/80120/80130/70130/90140/80140/90150/80160/80180/60200/60MT90B163122333233333333Tyre Type18” Road16” RoadMT90-163325-17350-17110/70110/80120/60120/70332323130/70130/80130/90140/80150/60150/70150/803313331160/60160/70160/70333170/60180/55190/50200/503333SizeSpeedoCalibrationCode350-18400-1890/90100/90110/80110/90120/70120/90130/70130/80140/70150/70160/60180/55200/5525