Edelbrock 15041 Automobile Parts User Manual

User manual for the device Edelbrock 15041 Automobile Parts

Edelbrock 15041 Automobile Parts User Manual

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INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKETFor Honda B16 and B18C1 EnginesCatalog #15041 & #15042INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS1. Clean all gasket mating surfaces. Stuff paper towels into the open intake ports before cleaning to prevent any debrisfrom entering the engine.2. Torque all intake manifold bolts to 17 ft/lbs., following the sequence below (See Fig. 1).Torque all bolts to 17 ft./lbsFig. 1Edelbrock Corporation • 2700 California St. • Torrance, CA 90503Tech Line: 1-800-416-8628 • E-Mail: Edelbrock@Edelbrock