Emerson P342 Automobile Parts User Manual

User manual for the device Emerson P342 Automobile Parts

Emerson P342 Automobile Parts User Manual

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Types P341, P342, P389, and P631Instruction ManualMCK-0397October 2007Types P341 and P342 Manual Latches andTypes P389 and P631 Pneumatic ActuatorsIntroduction!WarningFailure to follow these instructions or toproperly install and maintain this equipmentcould result in an explosion and/or fire causingproperty damage and personal injury or death.Fisher® equipment must be installed,operated, and maintained in accordancewith federal, state, and local codes andFisher instructions. The installation i

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Types P341, P342, P389, and P631Type P631—Pneumatic actuator that allows remote openingand closing of the valve.Pressure source for Type P631: 20 psig (1,4 bar) minimum to40 psig (2,76 bar) maximum air. Recommended 20 to 25 psig(1,4 to 1,7 bar).Installation!WarningIf the Type C407-10 valve is installed ina pressurized tank, insure that the linepressure is 0 psi (0 bar) prior to beginninginstallation of Type P341, P342, P389, orP631. Failure to depressurize the line couldresult in personal inju

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Types P341, P342, P389, and P631TYPEs p341/p342 actuator13TYPE C407-10 Valve611720456219117195621187T80210TYPE P342onlyT1342953718Figure 4. Type C407-10 Internal Valve AssemblyFigure 5. Type P341 or P342 Installed inType C407-10 Internal ValveCheck to see that the cylinder fully opens and closes the internal valve without sticking. A build-up of mud, corrosion, or foreign material could prevent the cylinder from closing, jamming the internal valve open. Do not permit this condition to occur. 

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Types P341, P342, P389, and P6311514121ATYPe C407-10 INTerNAL VALVe51BTYPe C407-10 sTeM4CAPsCreW63819GE3028811106OPerATINg LeVer422BrACKeT(KeY 1)57212°f (100°C)fUse PLUg31/8-INCh NPTfOr AIr LINeT20862Figure 6. Type P631 Pneumatic ActuatorParts ListType P631 (Figure 6)Key Description Types P341 and P342 (Figure 5)T13418T0012T13519T0012T13417T0012T1173324152T13416T00121A339328982T20849T0012  1   2   3   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12 T13419T0012T13419T0012Type P389 (Figur