Havis-Shields GSM31005 Automobile Parts User Manual

User manual for the device Havis-Shields GSM31005 Automobile Parts

Havis-Shields GSM31005 Automobile Parts User Manual

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4INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS C-VS-0309-F250VEHICLE SPECIFIC CONSOLE1999-2007 FORD F-250, 350, 450, 550TOOLS REQUIRED:Ratcheting wrenchSockets SetCutting tool (if necessary)Screwdriver setT-20 torx bitHARDWARE:QTY DESCRIPTION2¼” x 1 ¼” Hex head bolt2¼” Flat washer2¼” Serrated nut4#8 x ¼” Phillips flat head sheet metal1Torx Screw kitPART #GSM33003GSM31005GSM30023GSM33178C-HK-1Always!Read all instructions before installing any Havis-Shields Equipment Corp products.Check for obstructions

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View of Ford F-Series dashboardRemove upper portion ofdashboard as shown aboveRemove enough to expose hexscrews holding lower portion ofdashboardRemove (2) upper hex screwslocated under the upper portion ofthe trim.Remove (2) screws as shownaboveRemove plastic trim piece asshown above2C-VS-0309-F250_INST_4-07

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Remove two hex screws on eachside of cup holder bracketRemove (2) screws on lower sideof lower trim panel. The insertthis screw attaches to will beremoved. See later instruction.Remove (2) hex screw as shownabove. Notice location.Remove lower trim panelRemove plugs on optional brakecontrol switch. (If necessary)Remove brake control switch fromlower trim panel. This will reinstallinto console. (Equipment bracketsold separately)Remove optional auxiliaryswitches from trim panelCurrent view of insta

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Remove this screw clip to allow a¼” bolt to fit into this holeAttach lower portion of consoleusing ¼” x 1 ¼” hex bolt, washerand serrated nutComplete installation ofC-VS-0309-F250 consoleComplete installation of C-VS-0309-F250console w/ accessories (Sold separately)-Brake controller/Aux Switching equipmentbracket (C-EB30-F50-1P)-Mic Clip Bracket (C-MCB w/ C-MC)-Cup holder (C-CUP2-E-C with additional “L”bracket # CM93086 )4C-VS-0309-F250_INST_4-07