Monarch PLT200 Automobile Parts User Manual

User manual for the device Monarch PLT200 Automobile Parts

Monarch PLT200 Automobile Parts User Manual

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CE DECLARATION OF CONFORMITYMONARCH INSTRUMENTInstruction ManualAs Manufacturer:Monarch InstrumentDivision of Monarch International Inc.15 Columbia Drive, Amherst NH 03031 USAdeclares under Monarch’s sole responsibility that the product:Pocket Laser Tach 200to which this declaration relates is in conformity with the following directives andstandards when installed and operated in accordance with the user manual:Directives:EMC 89/336/EECStandards:EMC: EN61326:1997Electrical Safety: IEC61010-1:2

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SAFEGUARDS AND PRECAUTIONS14.0 OPTIONS /ACCESSORIEST-5Reflective Tape, 5 foot [1.5 m] roll, ½ inch [13 mm]wideRCARemote Contact Assembly with 10 cm wheel, concaveand convex tipsWARNING - This product emits a visible beam of laserlight. Avoid exposure to the laser radiation. The use ofoptical viewing aids (binoculars, for example) mayincrease the ocular hazard.CTEConcave/convex contact tips and 10 cm linear contactwheel12 inch Wheel12 inch circumference wheel for use with RCACAUTION - The laser

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12.0 BATTERIESTABLE OF CONTENTSWhen displayed, replace batteries. batterycoverInstall two 1.5V“AA” alkalinebatteries6.07.0NOTE: Bothbatteries face thesame direction.13.0 CLEANING8.09.010.0To clean the instrument, wipe with a damp cloth using mild soapy solution. ............................................................................. 1FEATURE LOCATIONS ............................................................ 1LCD DISPLAY SYMBOLS .......

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1.0 OVERVIEW11.0 INPUT / OUTPUTThe Pocket Laser Tach 200 is a precision hand-held multifunctionTachometer, Ratemeter, Totalizer and Timer. It is programmable to displaydirectly in Revs, Inches, Feet, Yards, Miles, Centimeters and Meters orfunction as a stopwatch or interval timer. Input / output sockets allow forremote sensing and pulse output to external indicating devices. For ease ofuse, the instrument can be “Locked-on” for continuous operation.Input:Accepts remote sensor orRemote Contac

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10.0 MAKING MEASUREMENTS3.0 LCD DISPLAY SYMBOLS10.1 Non-Contact MeasurementsORHand-heldLaserExternal Sensor (ROS shown)(Not shown:LightIRS-P,MT-190P)10.2 Direct Contact MeasurementsRotationalLinear(Use concavetip for smallshafts)On Target Indicator. Blinks on whenever there is an inputsignal. Will appear to be solid on at higher RCAfrom PLT200Low Battery icon. Indicates that the batteries are low andneed to be replaced.from PLT200ONLY USE MODERATE PRESSUREWARNING: Making measureme

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4.0 PLT200 SPECIFICATIONS8.Save andadvance9.Exit Setup –Ready tomeasureLaser Specifications:Classification: Class 3R (per IEC 60825-1 Ed 1.2 2001-8)Complies with FDA performance standards for laser products exceptfor deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated July 26, 2001.Maximum Laser Output:Pulse Duration:Laser Wavelength:Beam Divergence:Beam Diameter:Laser Diode Life:3mWContinuous650 nm< 1.5 mrad4 x 7 mm typical at 2 meters8,000 operating hours MTBF (1 yearwarranty)Unit will remembe

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9.0 TIMER ModeContact Specifications (continued):Accuracy:9.1 TIMER Setup1.Turn PowerONLast Units selectedare displayed1a. To toggle LockOn/OffPress and Hold2.3.Enter selectionof Mode4.Select TIMERMode5.Save andadvance6.Enter selectionof Timerfunction7.19Locked OnEnter SetupModeSelect TimerfunctionRevs:Linear:±0.05% of reading (RPM) or resolution limit(with no slippage)±0.5% of reading or resolution limit (with noslippage)Contact Measurements Ranges:TACHOMETER:Revolutions per Minute (RPM) 0.5

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Contact Measurements Ranges (continued):RATES:Wheel Circumference:Yards per Hour10cm: 3.281 to 131,233 YPH12 in:10.000 to 240,000 YPHMiles per Hour10 cm:12 in:8.2 TOTALizer Operation0.002 to 74.564 MPH0.006 to 136.36 MPHCentimeters per Second 10 cm:12 in:0.084 to 3,333.3 CM/S0.21 to 3,048.0 CM/SCentimeters per Minute 10 cm:12 in:5.000 to 200,000 CM/M15.240 to 365,760 CM/MCentimeters per Hour10 cm:12 in:300.00 to 999,990 CM/H914.40 to 999,990 CM/HMeters per Second10 cm:12 in:0.001 to 33.333 M/SEC

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TOTALizer Setup (continued):9.Enter selectionof number ofdecimal places10. Select decimalplacesNONE, 1, 2 or 3Display:5 x 0.5” (12.7mm) numeric digits plus 5 Alpha-numeric LCDBatteries:2 “AA” 1.5 V(DC) alkaline included(Note: Batteries are NOT rechargeable.)Battery Life: 30 hours continuous typical with batteries providedORRepeat untildesired decimalplaces displayed11. Save andadvanceExternal Input:Absolute max: -0.3 V to 5 V(DC)Minimum:low below 1.2 V and high above 2 V (TTL compatible)Ed

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5.0 PREPARATION FOR MEASUREMENT6.5.1 Non-Contact Preparation2. Apply 1/2”square T-5ReflectivetapeFor Small Shafts:Different options displayed forInternal or External operation.Internal or External ROS: External RCA:COUNTRotational: REVOnlyLinear: INCH, FEET,YARDS, CM, METERFor Internal operation (Red laser) or External operationusing optional Remote Optical Sensor (ROS-Red LED).1. CleanShaftEnterselection ofUnits7.Select Units8.Save andadvanceAs small as 1/8” wideon side or radius edgeORRepe

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8.0 TOTALizer Mode2. 10 cm WheelOR3. 12 inch Wheel8.1 TOTALizer Setup1.Turn PowerONDifferent messages displayed forInternal or External operation.Internal or External ROS:Last UnitsselectedExternal RCA:EXTRN, then scrollingmessage, then lastUnits selected5.3 Connecting External Sensors1a. To toggle Lock On/OffPress and Hold2.Enter SetupMode3.Enterselection ofModeTighten screwsecurely into flaton shaft.Install withpin in shaftfully seatedin slot.Tightenscrew.Locked OnLast Mode selectedis displaye

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6.0 TACHometer Mode11. Save andadvance6.1 TACHometer Setup1.TurnPowerONLast Units selected aredisplayed1a. To toggle LockOn/OffPress and Hold2. OnEnterSetupModeUnit will remember these settings (including lock on/off) even if turned offand back on.MeasureLast Mode selected isdisplayedORORPress and holdLock onRecall MaxMax SpeedRecall MinMin SpeedRepeat until TACHdisplayedSave andadvanceEnterselectionof UnitsDONE,USE CONTACT TIP or[wheel selected],then Units selected7.2 RATE Operat

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RATE Setup (continued):6.Enter selectionof Units8.Select UnitsORSave andadvanceRepeat untildesired UnitsdisplayedORRotational Units Linear UnitsOnly for Linear Units:8a. Enterselection ofWheel8b. SelectWheelLast Wheelselected isdisplayedORTogglesbetween 10CMand 12IN8c. Save andAdvance9.Enter selectionof number ofdecimal places10. Select decimalplaces13Select Units8.Save andadvance9.Enter selectionof number ofdecimal placesORRotational: C RPS,C RPM or C RPHLinear: IPS, IPM, IPH, FT/S, FT/M, FT/H,

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7.0 RATE Mode6.2 TACHometer OperationPress and hold11NOTE:ORMeasureExternal Remote Contact Assembly (RCA) must be inserted intoinput socket.7.1 RATE SetupLock onRecall MaxMax SpeedRecall MinMin Speed1.TurnPowerON1a. To toggle LockOn/OffPress and HoldIf unit Lockedon:Resets Max/Min2.EnterSetupModePower OFFOR3.Enterselectionof Mode4.SelectRATEMode5.Save andadvanceAutomatic after 90 secondsif unit not Locked onEXTRN, then scrollingmessage, then last UnitsselectedLocked OnLast Mode selected isdispla