BMW 528I XDRIVE Automobile User Manual

User manual for the device BMW 528I XDRIVE Automobile

BMW 528I XDRIVE Automobile User Manual

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Owner's Manualfor VehicleThe UltimateDriving MachineContentsA-ZOnline Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 602 678 - © 08/09 BMW AG

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Online Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 602 678 - © 08/09 BMW AG

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528i535i550i528i xDrive535i xDriveOwner's Manual for VehicleCongratulations, and thank you for choosing a BMW.Thorough familiarity with your vehicle will provide you withenhanced control and security when you drive it. We thereforehave this request:Please take the time to read this Owner's Manual and familiarizeyourself with the information that we have compiled for youbefore starting off in your new vehicle. It contains important dataand instructions intended to assist you in gaining maximum us

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© 2009 Bayerische Motoren WerkeAktiengesellschaftMunich, GermanyReprinting, including excerpts, only with thewritten consent of BMW AG, Munich.US English VIII/09, 09 09 500Printed on environmentally friendly paper,bleached without chlorine, suitable for recycling.Online Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 602 678 - © 08/09 BMW AG

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NotesReporting safety defectsAt a glance10162122CockpitiDriveLetters and numbersVoice activation systemControls264353577484Opening and closingAdjustingTransporting children safelyDrivingControls OverviewTechnology for comfort, convenienceand safety100 Lamps105 Climate110 Practical interior accessoriesMobility200202211215217221231RefuelingWheels and tiresUnder the hoodMaintenanceCareReplacing componentsGiving and receiving assistanceAt a glanceReference238 Technical data243 Short commands of voic

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NotesNotesUsing this Owner's ManualSymbols usedWe have made every effort to ensure that youare able to find what you need in this Owner'sManual as quickly as possible. The fastest wayto find specific topics is to refer to the detailedindex at the back of the manual. If you wish togain an initial overview of your vehicle, you willfind this in the first chapter.Indicates precautions that must be followed precisely in order to avoid the possibility of personal injury and serious damage tothe vehicl

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Please bear in mind that the manual may contain information on accessories and equipmentthat you have not specified for your own vehicle.Sections describing options and special equipment are marked by asterisk * to assist you inidentifying possible differences between thedescriptions in this manual and your own vehicle's equipment.Advanced technology, e.g., the use ofmodern materials and high-performanceelectronics, requires specially adapted maintenance and repair methods. Therefore, have corre

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NotesParts and accessoriesCalifornia Proposition 65 WarningFor your own safety, use genuine partsand accessories approved by BMW.When you purchase accessories tested andapproved by BMW and Genuine BMW Parts,you simultaneously acquire the assurance thatthey have been thoroughly tested by BMW toensure optimum performance when installedon your vehicle.BMW warrants these parts to be free fromdefects in material and workmanship.BMW will not accept any liability for damageresulting from installation o

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> Rust Perforation Limited Warranty> Federal Emissions System Defect Warranty> Federal Emissions Performance Warranty> California Emission Control System LimitedWarrantyDetailed information about these warranties islisted in the Service and Warranty InformationBooklet for US models or in the Warranty andService Guide Booklet for Canadian models.Your vehicle has been specifically adapted anddesigned to meet the particular operating conditions and homologation requirements in yourcountry and conti

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Online Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 602 678 - © 08/09 BMW AG

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At a glanceThis overview of buttons, switches and displaysis intended to familiarize you with your vehicle'soperating environment. The section will alsoassist you in becoming acquainted with thecontrol concepts and options available foroperating the various systems.Online Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 602 678 - © 08/09 BMW AG

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CockpitCockpitAround the steering wheel: controls and displays1Rear window safety switch 392Sedan: sun blind* for rear window 1113Opening and closing windows 384Adjusting exterior mirrors 50Automatic curb monitor* 515Folding exterior mirrors in and out* 516Turn signals 63High beams,headlamp flasher 102High-beam Assistant 102Roadside parking lamps 102Check Control 79Computer 7510Online Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 602 678 - © 08/09 BMW AG

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Steering wheel heater* 52Cruise control* 65VolumeActive cruise control 66Changing radio station 155Selecting music track 160Scrolling in phone book and in listswith stored phone numbers15 Releasing hood 21116Opening luggage compartment lid/tailgate 31, 3317Head-up Display* 95Changing entertainment sourceSwitching recirculated-air modeon/off 107HDC* 86BMW Night Vision* 9618Lane Departure Warning* 9989Low beams 100Welcome lamps 100Automatic headlamp control* 100Daytime running lamps* 101Welcome la

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CockpitInstrument cluster1Indicator lamps for turn signals2Speedometer> Odometer and trip odometer 743Indicator and warning lamps 13> Computer 754Displays for> Date and remaining travel distancefor service requirements 778> Active cruise control* 70> Automatic transmission withSteptronic* 59> Lane Departure Warning* 995Tachometer 746Energy Control 757Display for> Sport automatic transmission* 62> Hill Descent Control HDC* 86> High-beam Assistant* 102> Clock/date 74> Outside temperature 74> Indic

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Indicator lamps without text messagesThe conceptThe following indicator lamps signal particularfunctions:High beams/headlamp flasher 102At a glanceIndicator and warning lampsParking brake applied 59Driving tipsLamp flashes:DSC or DTC controls the drive andbraking forces for maintaining vehiclestability 86DTC Dynamic Traction Control 86Explanatory text messagesExhaust-gas values 216Communications EntertainmentExhaust-gas values for Canadianmodels 216NavigationSome lamps are tested for proper func

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CockpitAround the center console: controls and displays14Online Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 602 678 - © 08/09 BMW AG

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3Initiating an Emergency Request call* 2314Interior lamps 1045Glass sunroof*, electric 39Panorama glass roof* 406Passenger airbag status lamp 947Control Display 168Hazard warning flashers9Central locking system 3010 Automatic climate control 105Temperature setting 10616Heated seats* 49Active seat ventilation* 50Adjusting active backrestwidth* 45Active seat* 50PDC Park Distance Control* 84DTC Dynamic Traction Control 86Opening luggage compartment lid/tailgate* 31, 3317 Controller 16Can be turned,

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iDriveiDriveiDrive combines the functions of a large numberof switches. This allows these functions to beoperated from a central position. The followingsection provides an introduction to basic menunavigation. The control of the individual functions is described in connection with the relevant equipment.Controls1Control Display2Controller with buttonsYou can use the buttons to open the menusdirectly. The controller can be used toselect the menu items and create settings.To avoid posing an unnece

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At a glanceOpens the CD/Multimedia menuNAVOpens the Navigation menuTELOpens the Telephone menuBACKDisplays the previous panelOPTIONOpens the Options menuOperating principleAll iDrive functions can be called up via the mainmenu.From radio readiness, refer to page 57, the following message is shown on the Control Display:Selecting a menu itemThe menu items shown in white can beselected.1. Turn the controller until the desired menuitem is highlighted.To hide the message:Press the controller.This di

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iDriveMove the controller to the left or right to changebetween the panels.Adjusting settings1. Select a field.2. Turn the controller until the desired settingis displayed.White arrows pointing to the left or right indicate that additional panels can be opened.Opens the Options menuPress the OPTION button.The "Options" menu is displayed.3. Press the controller to confirm the setting.The scroll bar on the right side indicateswhether additional menu items or settings can be selected that are curre