Lincoln 2004 LS Automobile User Manual

User manual for the device Lincoln 2004 LS Automobile

Lincoln 2004 LS Automobile User Manual

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10/1/032:21 PMPage 1AUDIO SYSTEMSESSENTIAL INFORMATIONCLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEMCAUTION: DO NOT USE CD WITH ADHESIVE LABEL*OIBFUEL TANK CAPACITY/FUEL RECOMMENDATIONS: Your fuel tank can accommodate 18.0gallons of gasoline. Your vehicle is designed to use “Premium” unleaded gasoline with an(R+M)/2 octane rating of 91 or higher for optimum performance. The use of gasolines withlower octane ratings may degrade performance.AFUSES: If electrical components in your vehicle stop working, a fuse may hav

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21600 LS 04 QRG10/1/032:31 PMPage 7ADDITIONAL FEATURESINTERIOR FEATURES2HEADLAMP CONTROLS9Turn the control clockwise to the first position to turn on the parking lamps,license plate lamps and tail lamps. Turn to the second position to turn on theheadlamps. Turn the control counterclockwise to initiate the autolamp system,which turns your exterior lamps on and off automatically, based on availabledaylight; the system also keeps the lights on for a short time after the ignition switch is turned to