ALK Technologies Pocket PC 4 GPS Receiver User Manual

User manual for the device ALK Technologies Pocket PC 4 GPS Receiver

ALK Technologies Pocket PC 4 GPS Receiver User Manual

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2. Uninstall any previous versionIf you have a previous version of CoPilot installed on your Pocket PC and/ordesktop computer, you must uninstall it before updating. Make sure yourGPS receiver is NOT attached, then follow these steps:(1) On your Pocket PC:1. Tap the Start menu and select Settings/System/Remove Programs2. Select Pocket CoPilot and tap Remove.3. Select Pocket Speech and tap Remove.4a. If you stored map data on a storage card:CoPilot Help Files on your Pocket PCNow CoPilot Live inc

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Installation Steps:Step 1: Insert the CoPilot Live Install Disk into your CD-ROM drive. Enteryour Product Key Code when prompted (you can find it on thecover of your printed Quick Start). Click Next.Step 2: Make sure Pocket PC Installation and Desktop Installation arechecked on the installation menu. Click Next.Step 3: The installation will start with the text-to-speech software.Choose a Male or Female Voice (both are standard TTS file), orPre-recorded Sound Files (WAV files, male voice) when pr

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5. You will then be given the option to either select additional mapdata or download selected areas to your Pocket PC. ClickDownload.(3) Download the Data:1. Clicking the Download icon will take you to a screen whereAvailable Area(s) for download are displayed on the left.2. To designate an area to include in the download, highlight it and thenclick on the right arrow button to move it to the Data Included in ThisDownload list on the right. To take an area off the list, highlight it andclick the

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6. In the Edit Trip screen, tap theView Route button to beginreceiving guidance instructions tothe destination you entered. Orenter additional stops first.8. Enter an addressNOTE: There is no need to enter a starting point. CoPilot Live uses GPSpositioning to determine your location automatically.1. The first time you use CoPilot Live, you will be asked to enter yournearest city to help speed up the initial GPS acquisition. Enter your city, state(e.g. new york, ny) and tap OK. You will only need

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ContentsQuick Start .......................................................................... i-viiiCoPilot Overview ............................................................. 1Safety Warning ................................................................... 2What’s New in Version 4.0? .......................................... 2Getting Started ................................................................. 3Getting Started - Hardware. ......................................... 3Getting

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CoPilot OverviewA Safety WarningYour CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 4 Includes:Always keep your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road whendriving!Install/Data DisksDo not use this product in any way that interferes with safe and attentive operationof a vehicle. When used in a vehicle, do not place the GPS receiver, antenna, powersupply, or your computer where it may strike the driver or passengers if the vehicleturns sharply or stops abruptly. This product is designed, manufactured, andinte

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Getting Started - HardwareGetting Started - Get ConnectedBoth your desktop/laptop and your Pocket PC must be turned on. Thecradle/cable for your mobile device must be connected to your desktop/laptopcomputer through either the USB or Serial port.In order to successfully transfer data from your desktop to your Pocket PC,you must have Microsoft ActiveSync 3.1 (or later) installed. This software isnecessary to connect the two machines and is provided by your Pocket PCmanufacturer. If you did not re

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Uninstalling a Previous VersionTo Install CoPilot Live:If you have been using an earlier version of Pocket CoPilot it will be necessaryfor you to uninstall the application and its data before installing CoPilot Live.1. Insert the CoPilot Live InstallDisk in your CD-ROM drive.Have your Product Key Codeready (you can find it on yourprinted Quick Start).NOTE: When uninstalling CoPilot, your GPS receiver cannot beattached. Before uninstalling, you must disconnect the receiver and perform asoft resta

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the pre-recorded option saves spaceon your Pocket PC, but will give youless detailed driving instructions. ClickNext to continue.5. Next, you will be prompted to choosean installation location on the PocketPC. The default location is the PocketPC main memory (click Yes). To installto a storage card, click No, thenchoose Storage card from the dropdown pick list (recommended).9. When the installation is complete, a CoPilot Liveicon will appear on your desktop or laptop. Youare now ready to start u

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Data Download to Your Pocket PCTo use CoPilot Live on your Pocket PC, you first need to download map datafrom your desktop or laptop computer to your Pocket device. You select the datato download from one or more regions (“data areas”) that you specify in theCoPilot Live application on your desktop. It’s a simple 4-step process.Step 1: Specify Where Data Will Be StoredTo begin the data download process, open the CoPilot Live application on yourdesktop/laptop, then click the Data Download W

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Data DownloadMap Area - This method of selecting data allows you to choose an area of databy drawing a box on the Data Download Wizard's map screen.Step 2: Choose a Data Selection MethodIn the Wizard, you enter a cityname near which you would liketo select data, then click Next.The map will zoom to thatlocation. Then you create abox around the desired area byclicking and dragging yourmouse across the map. Thestreet-level data within that boxwill be selected.Map AreaAfter you specify a location w

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Data DownloadStep 3: Select Your DataUse any of the three methods covered on the following pages (City Radius,Map Area, or Trip) to select one or more regions and then download your data.4. Name the selection.Click Next.City Radius1. Click the City Radius icon.2. Enter a City, State or ZIPcode, and a mile radiusaround the area that youwould like to download. ClickNext to verify that the area iscorrect.5. You will return to the DataSelection Menu where you canselect another data area if youlike,

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Map Area1. Click the Map Area icon.4. Name the selection.Click Next.2. Enter a City, State or ZIPcode (address optional) withinthe area that you would like todownload. Click Next.5. You will return to the DataSelection Menu where you canselect another data area if youlike, using any method. Whenyou are finished selecting dataareas, click the Download iconto go to the final screen whereyou can build your download.3. Click and hold the leftmouse button and drag thecursor to draw a box arounda desi

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Trip3a. Highlight a selection, clickSelect, then Add Stop.When all your stops havebeen entered, click SelectData.1. Click the Trip icon.2. You now have three options forentering stops on your trip. Ifyou choose the Cities andAddresses tab you will need toenter a City, State or ZIPcode, press , and clickthe Add Stop button.You may enter one or multipledestinations. Use the buttonsto the right of the Itinerary tozoom to a stop on the map,change the order of stops, ordelete a stop.3. If you

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Data DownloadPOI Download OptionsStep 4: Download the DataWhen you download a data region, you’ll get all roads within that region (but notroads outside the region). Also included with each download are regional pointsof interest (POI) such as gas stations, hotels, restaurants, visitor attractions, etc.When you’re ready to execute a download, the Wizard will display a list ofAvailable Area(s) for download on the left side of the window. To designate anarea to include in the download, click o

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Importing Custom PlacesEditing Custom Places in the DatabaseCoPilot Live’s Custom Place Import Wizard enables you to import addresses fromyour Outlook Contacts database, an Excel file, or text file. (If you are usinganother type of database or contact manager, you can export your contacts/locations to an Excel or text file before importing them into CoPilot Live.)These points are added to CoPilot’s POI database under the Custom category.Once they are in the database, they are displayed on ma

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Software ActivationDeactivation and License Update:NOTE: CoPilot Live won’t open on your Pocket PC unless map data has beenpreviously downloaded from the CoPilot desktop application.CoPilot Live must be activated after installation before you can use it. Followthe steps below to obtain an Activation Code that will unlock the software:1. The first time you openCoPilot Live on yourPocket PC, the Activatescreen will appear.Follow the on-screeninstructions and tapNext.2. In the next screen,enter y

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Using Your Pocket PC for Guidance3. CoPilot will then provide you with anumber of different ways to enter anaddress. You can:a) Program your Home addressb) Program your Work addressc) Enter a new Addressd) Select a destination from yourFavorite List, ore) Search for a Point of InterestIn CoPilot Live's Guidance Mode you will receive turn-by-turn route guidanceinformation as you travel. For your safety the Driver Safety screen will hide mapswhen they are not necessary to avoid distractions. Using

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Once you enter a destination, CoPilot willdisplay the Edit Trip screen. At this pointyou can enter additional stops using thetool bar or begin receiving guidance to thedestination you entered by tapping the ViewRoute button (see below).To add additional stops, tap one of thetrip entry buttons on the tool bar at thetop of the screen. Each option is describedon the following pages.To begin your trip,simply tap theView Route button and start driving!Start Driving!Next TurnInstructionDistance toNext