Audiovox GPS Navigation GPS Receiver User Manual

User manual for the device Audiovox GPS Navigation GPS Receiver

Audiovox GPS Navigation GPS Receiver User Manual

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JENSENUser s Manual

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BewareThank you for buying our productPatentThe contents of this manual belong to Audiovox ElectronicsThis manual covers set up and operation for the Uren Mobile AutoPCtablet.This manual s contents have been written with the utmost care soyou the customer can easily learn how to use the Mobile Auto PC.However, upgrades can be done without prior notification. Pleasecheck our website if you have any problems.This manual and all contents cannot in any way, shape, or form, beelectronically, or mecha

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BewarePlease keep all liquids away from the AutoPC to prevent shock ordamage.Do not try to repair the AutoPC under any circumstances. Call thenearest authorized dealer for service. Warrantee is void if thecustomer tries to service the AutoPC by himself.1.2.1 Customer ServiceIf the AutoPC in any way does not operate according to specification,send it back to us service.If you drop it or damage the AutoPC send it to us for service.If the screen isn’t acting within established parameters, sent it

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2 Complete System ListIndexMain SystemPouchVehicle CigarAdapterRemote ControlVehicle Attachment6AC AdapterOutput Cable fromSystem to TV.User ManualCradleNavigation Manual1. Beware1.1 Installation Instructions1.2 Operating Procedures1.3 Safe Storage1.4 Proper Maintenance1.5 Storage Instructions1.6 Careful Use while Traveling33344452. Complete System List63. System Introduction3.1 Special Features3.2 Specifications3.3 Name and function of each Part889104. How to Use Auto PC4.1 System start up4.2 J

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System Introduction3 System Introduction3.1 Special FeaturesMobile Auto PC : The Auto PC is a complete navigation and tablet PCwith many interesting features.It has a 7” wide TFT LCD touch screen :It supports from 800 X 480 pixel resolution up to 1024 X 768 pixelresolution.Industry leading multi-media capabilities : Auto PC can play all leadingmulti-media file formats including MPEG4, WMA/DivX, MP3/WMA/AAC.GPS navigation : Uren includes the SIRF CPS with internal antenna with a1GB memory for p

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System Introduction3.3 Names and Functions of Each PartFront FaceNames and Functions of Each PartLCD Color Display : Touch screen technology makes the Auto PC a joyto use.-Resolution default is 800*480 while maximum is 1024*768 pixels.Remote Control ReceiverInternal Microphone : Voice recording is possible for remembering ideas,singing songs, taking a memo etc.Headphone portTV portUSB 2.0 portExternal I/O portMini SD card slot*Some model do not have these ports.Top of the Auto PCButton/HDD indic

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System IntroductionStar Button : Press the button to turn on the Auto PC.Stylus Pen HoleAir Intake Hole for VentilationInternal Speaker : Mono Speaker has a 1.5W outputLeft sideGreen Button : System is in useRed : Battery is chargingStylus Pen Hole : Touch screen pen is inserted here for easy access atany time.Ventilation Duct : To keep the Auto PC cool, ventilation is on top. There isanother in the back of the Auto PC.Expanded I/O Pack Port : Extra port is provided to allow users access toInter

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System IntroductionRight sideExpanded I/O PortAuto PC Electrical Socket : The Auto PC can use power from twosources which has been provided for your convenience: A regular ACadapter and a car cigar jack adapter. Innowell recommends use of originaladapters and only replacements provided by Audiovox. Audiovox voidsguarantee if another source is used.USB Ports : Two USB 2.0 ports have been provided for maximumflexibility. All electronic devices (digital cameras, printers, scanners etc)can be used.A

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System IntroductionLan Port : The Auto PC can connect to either a network or the Internet.Lan card speed is 10/100 Mpbs.External Monitor Expanded Port : You can connect to an externalmonitor for better resolution. You can use LCD and external monitor atthe same time. You can also connect to monitor, projector, or TV to domuti-media, make presentations or watch a movie respectively.Additional USB Port : Two extra USB 2.0 ports are supplied for ease ofuse.4How to use the Auto PC4.1 System Start Up

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How to use the Auto PCStylus Pen4.2 JENSEN SpaceStylus Pen replaces the mouse function. Holding the pen down on thetouch screen for three seconds is equivalent to the right click of a mouse.Please return the stylus pen in its slot to prevent loss.After booting, JENSEN Space is shown.JENSEN taskbar ItemsJENSEN Logo : By clicking on the JENSEN logo in the top lefthand corner of the screen, all programs will stop running.FM Icon : The FM icon is off when it is gray.Volume Icon : It indicates the le

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How to use the Auto PC20NavigationMP3 PlayerUser-friendly GPS system for easy driving.This MP3 Player can play MP3 and WMA audio files.ExplorerWindowsPress the icon to start internet explorerYou can go to Windows Original screen to execute Windows applicationprograms.Video PlayerGameYou can play movie files.You can enjoy many different games.21

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How to use the Auto PCSettingUserYou can find out about FM Transmitter, date/time. LCD brightness,volume, user setting preference and version information.Users can program the remote control for favorite applications.Power Off4.3 How to Use the Navigation SystemYou can shut down the system by pressing this button.Traffic InformationThis button connects you to the Internet. It allows you to find out about thetraffic condition in your community.A separate book has been supplied that explains how t

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How to use the Auto PC4.4 How to use the explorerPlay filePress the icon to start internet explorerExecutionYou can double-click the internet icon or click the left side internet icon thenclick the center icon to start internet explorer4.5 How to use Video PlayerHow to operateClick on the menu to choose the file you want from the pop-up.- You can start the movie from the moment you last stopped it.- To watch movie from beginning: You can reset the movie to thebeginning.- To watch new movie file:

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How to use the Auto PCFile Manager Menu Description4.6 Video Player Main System45678910111231 2 1 3 1 4 1516You can search from Windows Original screen.Start/Play/PauseYou can go into my computer or driver from the Search Window.StopYou can go into my documents and sub-files.You can add selected files to the play list.Ten secondYou can erase selected items.You can edict all items of the play list in the Search Window.You can erase all items in the play list.You can play only checked items.You ca

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How to use the Auto PCCaption SettingsVideo Player Setting ScreenBasic Setting1. Screen Size : Set the screen size to big/full size.2. Shut down after play : Set if the system will automatically shut downafter playing.3. Brightness Setting : Set the XVID codec video.4. Play : Set the play style to file, list, repeat.5. Quick Play : Set whether to load the help screen when selecting quickplay.1. Color : Set the caption’s color.2. Size : Set the words’ size.3. Position : Set the caption’s po

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How to use the Auto PCAudio Player Main ScreenMinimize button (Hide Player)Player size (Change Player size)Quit button171181910Audio File Manager7234586911 1 2 13 1415 16Title barPlayStopTo frontTo next songUser methods are equal to that of the video managerVolume ControlSet repeatSet play mode4.8 ConfigurationSet Shuffle modeEnter Audio File ManagerMove the selected file to front of listMove the selected file up one stepMove the selected file down one stepMove the selected file to last of listS

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How to use the Auto PC1. From the Jensen Space, please choose the “Setting”2. From the “Setting” menu, choose “FM Transmitter” tap as shown below.4. After choosing the frequency, please click “Config” button to activate the FMT.When the FMT mode is enabled, the button color is in light orangecolor. To disable the FMT click the “Config” button again.1. Choose the designated frequency first by using the arrows keys ornumeric buttonsNote: Please notice that no sound plays while

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How to use the Auto PC34Set Date/TimeUser SettingSelect each item and use the up/down arrows to set the time and date.Select programs to assign to user1/2 buttons.Set process - One click : Process JENSEN Space programs with one click.Double click : Process JENSEN Space programs with two clicks.Set LCD Brightness/VolumeTopmenu settingSet LCD brightness and Standby time to save battery. You can also setvolumeUsers enables to choose their favorable application for Navigation Mapsoftware, Internet B

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How to use the Auto PCS/W VersionYou can check S/W version.You can update Firmware through the Internet.4.9 Using Windows XPThe Auto PC does not offer an anti-virus program. Please install an antivirus program before connecting to the Internet. Refer to the individualuser manuals of the anti-virus programs for installation. You may needexternal ODDs. To return to JENSEN Space, double click the JENSENicon.4.10 Setting Touch screenIf you click on the icon as shown above, the desktop screen appears

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How to use the Auto PCCalibrateDecide how many dots (5. 9. 25) you will use to control and press theCalibrate button to open the configuration window.SettingTouch Action : Decide the function’s method.Normal TouchKiosk EmulationClick on ReleaseDouble Click : Control the double click speed. You can test the settingafter configuring it with the slide bar.Sound Tone : Control the touch screen sound. You can configure thetone with the slide bar and the system will be set to mute when youuncheck th