Rosen Entertainment Systems DS-TY0820 GPS Receiver User Manual

User manual for the device Rosen Entertainment Systems DS-TY0820 GPS Receiver

Rosen Entertainment Systems DS-TY0820 GPS Receiver User Manual

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10/31/2008 5:01:14 PMD S- T Y0 8 2 0In-Dash Multi-Media /Navigation SystemHigh resolution, touch-screen LCD displayNavigation includes text-to-speech voice and visual turn-by-turndirections, 5 Million+ Points-Of-Interest library, 3D route and building viewsfor major cities, plus 3 language options (English, Spanish, French-Canadian)Play DVD movies, audio CDs or discs with MP3 music filesAM-FM stereo tuner with 24 station presets (18 FM, 6 AM)Bluetooth Hands-Free interface with built

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NOTICE OF INTENDED USEToyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 2-312810 11137Figure 1.14161761181591954321Controls & Basic Operations- IMPORTANT More detailed system operating instructionsare located in the Owner’s ManualsRosen Entertainment Systems disclaims any liability forany bodily injury or property damage that might resultfrom any improper or unintended use.Some features of Rosen Entertainment Systems are not intended for viewing by the driver when the vehicle is in motion,such as movie playback. Wh

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Left KnobAuxiliary InputDVDToyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 4-5BluetoothHands-freeTV3NavigationiPodTMSystem SetupAM/FM RadioFor detailed information of these functions, please refer to the “User’s Manual”.Touchto enter Main Menu (Figure 3.).The Main Menu includes TV, Bluetooth, iPodTM,Radio, XM, DVD, AV, Navigation and Setup.Touch the function you would like to select.Main MenuTurn the Left Knob on the panel to adjust thevolume (Figure 2.).Volume AdjustmentPress the Left Knob on the panel to tu

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Select todisplay themap viewEdit or cancel a route in progressSet preferences for routing, map, screen, navigation and moreRouteSettingsToyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 6-7Organize or select saved routes or Points-Of-InterestManage5Pick a destination for routingSelect this Option to...Main MenuFindMain Menu OptionThe Attention screen is displayed eachtime the system is turned ON as a reminderto make use of the navigational aids in asafe manner.Warning ScreenNote: Please refer to the User’s Manual f

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Find POI by state, city and addressFind POI by a cursor or location you have selectedLocate POI by your current satellite locationFind POI around your final destinationFind POI along your current routeAround AddressAround CursorAround GPS PositionAround DestinationAlong RouteToyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 8-97NOTE: Once you have selected your POI Menu Option and entered therequested data, the screen will switch to the POI Category Screen.Select this Option to...POI Menu OptionPoints of Interest Sc

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Toyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 10-119Touch(Figure 6.) if you desire the system’s Bluetoothfeature to automatically detect your cell phone when thevehicle and system are turned on.TouchOpen the Bluetooth function of your cellphone and enable the Bluetooth device search function.“Pairing” will be displayed on the screen. After theconnection succeeds, your cell phone will display (Rosen).Connect to the device by entering the password (1234). Thesystem will indicate “Linking” and then “Conn

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Toyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 12-13Play songs in the current folderat random.Scan and play songs in thecurrent folder. The next songwill be played after the currentsong has been finished for 10seconds.Repeat the current played songPop up/hide the number padTouch Button Descriptions (Figure 11.)From the Main Menu, touchtheicon to enter theiPodTM control system.Enter (Figure 10.)11Play/pausePrevioustrackReturn toupper menuFigure 11.Display playinginformationPage downNext trackPage upFigure 10.Note:

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TMSatellite Radio (optional)Toyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 14-15NOTE: The background of the selectedchannel will become darker.Touch the desired Preset channel. Thechannel will load and begin to play.Play A Preset Channel (Figure 18)To select a station as a Preset,press and hold a PRESET bar.The name of the station willappear in the bar when saved.Touchto select XM1, XM2,XM3 Channel Preset screens.13Touch  and  to seek previousand next available stations.Touch Button Descriptions (Figure 17)Fro

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Toyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 16All rights reserved. Copyright 2008.Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby” andthe double-D Symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.DP-TY0821 Rev BScreenTouch10/31/2008 5:02:02 PMAM/FMNOTE: Features and specifications listed in this manual are subject to change without notice.iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of certain U.S.