Beltronics RX45 Radar Detector User Manual

User manual for the device Beltronics RX45 Radar Detector

Beltronics RX45 Radar Detector User Manual

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QUICK -INST ALLEDPROTECTIONBeltronics5442 West Chester RoadWest Chester OH 45069-2950U.S. Customer Service:1. 800. 341.©2010 Beltronics.Beltronics, RX45, SmartShield, AutoScan, ThreatDisplay and TechDisplay are trademarks of Beltronics USA, Inc.SWS is a trademark of SWS, L.C.Manufactured and Printed in Canada.Features, specifications and prices subject to change without notice.Beltronics Pro RX45Owner’s ManualR A D A R • L A S E R • S A F E T Y • D E T E C T O R

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CongratulationsIf you’ve used a radar detector before,a review of the Quick Reference Guide onpages 1 and 2, and the Preferences sectionon pages 12 and 13 will briefly explain thenew features.If this is your first detector, please readthis manual in detail to get the most out ofyour RX45’s performance and features.Please drive safely. Remove card along perforations Beltronics RX45 Quick Reference CardIMPORTANTINSTALLATION WARNING:Your new Beltronics RX45requires installation. Although

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Quick Reference CardTable of ContentsBANDS• IMPORTANT WARNING• Example using Preferences12• Overview of Preferences1314-15• Power6Technical Details16-23• Power-on indication6• Interpreting AlertsPilot HWY * Full word: Highway, AutoScan, Auto NoXPilot HLetter: H or A or ANXPilot VVehicle voltage• Volume Adjust6• Specifications18• AutoMute7• How Radar Works19Meter STD * Standard signal strength meterMeter THT ThreatDisplayMeter TEC TechDisplay• AutoScan / Highway / Auto NoX7

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Quick Reference GuidePowerTo turn the RX45 on or off, simply press thepower button located on the far left side ofthe display controller.NOTE: We recommend wiring theRX45 to the vehicle’s ignition switchso it turns on and off with the key.Volume Control/Mute ButtonTo set your volume level for alerts, pressand hold the V•MUTE button located in thecenter of the display controller. Onceyou’ve reached your desired level of audio,simply release the button.The RX45 willremember this setting even

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Controls and FeaturesVolume AdjustPowerTo adjust the RX45 to your preferred audiolevel for alerts, simply press and hold theV•Mute button located on the displaycontroller. The audio will increase/decrease while it is depressed. Once youreach the desired audio level, simply releasethe button.The RX45 will retain this settingin its memory, even if the system is turnedoff.When the optional Laser Shifters areconnected, (see Accessories section) theV•Mute button can be used to manuallystop “shi

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Controls and FeaturesDisplay BrightnessThe RX45’s display brightness isautomatically adjusted to suit ambientlighting conditions in your car. (The lightsensor is located inside the displaycontroller and may dim the displaymomentarily when accessing the buttons).If you prefer, you can press the “BRT”button located on the display controller toset your RX45 for a fixed brightness level(Auto, Minimum, Medium, Maximum orDark).Dark ModeFor Laser signals:Since Laser signals are a possible threatn

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Controls and FeaturesThreatDisplayThe ThreatDisplay is actually aminiature spectrum analyzer. It shows whatband each signal is, and its signal strength.Beltronics’s exclusive ThreatDisplay optionis an advanced display for experienceddetector users. Please use the RX45 for afew weeks to get fully familiar with itsother features before using ThreatDisplay.To use the ThreatDisplay instead of thestandard bar graph signal strength meter,you must select Meter THT in the RX45’sPreferences (see page

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How to use PreferencesOverview of PreferencesAn exampleHere’s how you would turn the RX45’sAutoMute feature off.There are 5 user-selectable programmingoptions on the RX45.This allows you to setit up the way you prefer.To access Programming, simply pressthe buttons that are normally used forbrightness (BRT) and sensitivity (SENS) atthe same time. Once you accessProgramming, the BRT button is used toreview (RVW) the categories and the SENSbutton is used to change (CHG) itemswithin the category

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Details of Preferences OptionsPilot Light (Power-on indication)Signal Strength MeterAutoMuteBandsThe meter displays the band, and bar graphshowing signal strength. (factory default)In this setting, all radar and laser bands arecovered for North America.These are thefactory settings, and it is highlyrecommended that you use your RX45 inthis mode.If the bands are changed from the factorydefault settings, the RX45 will warn youwith an audible alert, and associated textmessage, that one or more band

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Interpreting AlertsAlertExplanationRX45 alerts intermittently. Rate and strength ofalerts may be consistent or vary wildly.A patrol car is traveling in front of you with a radarsource aimed forward. Because signals aresometimes reflected off of large objects andsometimes not,the alerts may seem inconsistent.ExplanationRX45 alerts intermittently. Rate and strength ofsignal increases with each alert.A patrol car is approaching from the otherdirection,“sampling” traffic with instant-on radar.Su

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SpecificationsHow Radar WorksFeatures and SpecificationsSensitivity Control• AutoScan™, Highway and Auto NoX• Auto Calibration Circuitry• Complete VG2 ImmunityOperating Bands• X-band 10.525 GHz ±25 MHz• Ku-band 13.450 GHz ±25 MHz• K-band 24.150 GHz ±100 MHz• Ka-band 34.700 GHz ±1300 MHz• Laser 900nm, 33 MHz bandwidthDimensions (Inches)• Display/Controller1.00 H x 2.00 W x 0.50 D• Receiver Unit5.40 x 3.70 x 1.05 inchesRadar Receiver / Detector Type• Superheterodyne, G

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How Laser WorksHow TSR WorksHow Laser (Lidar) WorksThere are limitations to LIDARequipment. LIDAR is much more sensitiveto weather conditions than RADAR, and aLIDAR gun’s range will be decreased byanything affecting visibility such as rain, fog,or smoke.A LIDAR gun cannot operatethrough glass and it must be stationary inorder to get an accurate reading.Because LIDAR must have a clear lineof sight and is subject to cosine error (aninaccuracy, which increases as the anglebetween the gun and the

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How SWS WorksHow SWS WorksSince Safety radar technology isrelatively new and the number oftransmitters in operation is not yetwidespread, you will not receive Safetysignals on a daily basis and should not besurprised to encounter emergencyvehicles, road hazards and railroadcrossings that are unequipped with thesetransmitters and, therefore, fail to providea signal.As Safety transmitters become moreprevalent (the number of operatingtransmitters is growing every day), theseSafety radar signals wil

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TroubleshootingProblemSolutionExplanation of DisplaysRX45 beeps briefly at the samelocation every day, but no radarsource is in sight.• An X-band motion sensor or intrusion alarm is locatedwithin range of your route.With time, you will learnpredictable patterns of these signals.CheckReceiverWiringRX45 does not seem sensitive toradar or laser.• RX45 may be in Auto NoX.There is a problem with the front receiver (it could be an unpluggedconnection, damaged wiring, or a problem within the front

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2627____________________________________________________________________________Primary reason for purchasing this BELTRONICS product____________________________________4.____________________________________________________________________________Place of Purchase__________________________________ Date_________ Price____________3.Serial Number_______________________Product Purchased BELTRONICS RX452.Phone Number (In case we have a question)_____________________________________________.comCity___

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Parts and AccessoriesPartsReplacement parts are available or your dealer.Accessories are available or your dealer.SHIFTER PACKShifter Pack .....................................$249.95 Remove card along perforations ATTN CUSTOMER SERVICEBELTRONICS INC5442 WEST CHESTER RDWEST CHESTER OH 45069-9789Accessories2829