Calibre UK K40 Radar Detector User Manual

User manual for the device Calibre UK K40 Radar Detector

Calibre UK K40 Radar Detector User Manual

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INSTANT-ON RADAR WARNINGSWhen Calibre detects an instant-on or pulse radarsignal, it sounds an urgent, high pitched alert tone,accompanied by rapid flashing of the blue warningLED(s).LINEAR GEIGER CIRCUITDuring a radar encounter, audio and visual warningswill intensify as you get closer to the police threat anddiminish in intensity as the threat passes.O W N E R ’ SMUTE CIRCUITDuring a radar encounter, Calibre will audibly alertfor several seconds and then switch to a quieterclicking sound. Af

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Congratulations! Your new Calibre Remote Radar &Laser System is the world's finest total protectionsystem against speeding tickets. Please take a momentto fully review this Owner's Guide to acquaintyourself with the controls and features of thisrevolutionary technology.INITIAL WAKE-UP SEQUENCEK40 RECOMMENDS REPLACING THE REMOTECONTROL BATTERIES AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR.Press to select between Tone or Voice modes.Press to select betweenHigh or Low volumemodes or activatefull time Mute.Press to select