Escort 8500 X50 Radar Detector User Manual

User manual for the device Escort 8500 X50 Radar Detector

Escort 8500 X50 Radar Detector User Manual

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Designed in the USAEscort Incorporated5440 West Chester RoadWest Chester OH 45069Sales 888-8-ESCORT(888-837-2678)Service 800-543-1608www.escortradar.comOwner’s Manual©2004 Escort Inc. Escort®, Passport®, AFR®, SmartShield®, AutoSensitivity™, ExpertMeter™ andSpecDisplay™are trademarks of Escort Inc.Features, specifications and prices subject to change without notice.

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Congratulations• Advanced EZ-Programming lets youcustomize up to 9 features• Exclusive AutoSensitivity intelligentlyfilters out annoying false alarms, plusHighway and City settings• Exclusive SpecDisplay providesactual numeric frequency for anyradar signal• Programmable bands (on/off) allowyou to customize which bands aremonitoredRemove card along perforationsPassport 8500 X50 Quick Reference Card• Includes exclusive SmartCord foreasy access to remote mute buttonIf you’ve used a r

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Quick Reference CardTable of ContentsRemove card along perforationsPILOT LIGHT(Power-on indication)Press the CHANGE buttonto change your settingwithin a categoryLetter: H or A or CLetter, with scanning dotSymbol: + or • or -Symbol, with scanning dotScanning symbolVehicle voltagePwrOn STDPwrOn FST* Standard power-on sequenceSIGNAL STRENGTH METERMeter STDMeter EXPMeter SPC* Standard signal strength meteraMute ONaMute OFF* AutoMute onAUTOMUTEAUDIOTONESCITY MODE SENSITIVITYBRIGHTNESSFast power-o

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Quick Reference GuideQuick Reference GuideTo begin using your Passport,just follow these simple steps123EasyMount SlotInsert Passport’s adjustable Windshieldmount into this slot. Page 7Plug the small end of the power cordinto the side jack of the detector, andplug the large end of the power cordinto your car’s lighter socket.Rear Laser PortReceives laser signals from behind thevehicle.Mount your Passport on the windshieldusing the supplied windshield mount.Radar Antenna and Laser LensThe rea

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InstallationWindshield MountPower ConnectionMounting LocationWindshield MountTo power Passport, plug the small end ofthe SmartCord, (telephone-typeconnector) into the modular jack onPassport’s right side, and plug the lighterplug adapter into your vehicle’s lightersocket or accessory socket.WARNING: ESCORT cannot anticipate themany ways Passport can be mounted. It isimportant that you mount Passport where itwill not impair your view nor presenta hazard in case of an accident.Passport’s Eas

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Controls and FeaturesPower and volume controlMuteDim / Dark SwitchTo turn Passport on and adjust the alerttone volume level, rotate the thumbwheelon Passport’s left side. Turn the controlaway from you to increase the audiovolume. When you turn Passport on, it goesthrough a sequence of alerts.If you prefer, you may program yourPassport for a shorter power-on sequence.See the EZ-Programming section for details.The Mute button, located on Passport’sfront panel and SmartCord, allows you tosilenc

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Controls and FeaturesPower Connectorsignals present, Passport’s internal computerdetermines which is the most importantthreat to show on the bar-graph meter.When Passport detects radar, it displaysthe band (X, K, or Ka), and a precise bargraph of the signal strength. When Passportdetects a laser signal, the display will show“LASER.”NOTE: If you are operating Passport inthe Dark mode, the display will not lightwhen a signal is detected – only the audio,and the flashing alert lamp on theSm

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How to use EZ-ProgrammingOverview of EZ-ProgrammingAn exampleFor example, here is how you would turnPassport’s AutoMute feature off.There are 9 user-selectable options so youcan customize your 8500 X50 for your ownpreferences. The buttons labeled CITY andDIM are also used to enter the ProgramMode, REVIEW your current programsettings, and to CHANGE any settings asdesired. The words PROGRAM, REVIEW,and CHANGE are located on the top of thedetector, and are highlighted in dark bluegraphics. Pages

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Details of EZ-ProgrammingPilot Light (Power-on indication)Pilot V (Vehicle voltage)In this setting, Passport will continuallydisplay “H” for Highway, “C” for City, and“A” for Auto, and the vehicle’s voltage. Ifthe vehicle’s voltage drops below 10.5 volts,a low voltage warning is displayed, followedby an audible alert. A high voltage warningis also given if the voltage goes above 16.5volts. The high-voltage warning is alsofollowed by an audible alert.Note: When you are using the D

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Details of EZ-ProgrammingSpecificationsBrightnessmode, the only display will be a very dimHD, AD, or CD, indicating Highway-Dark,Auto-Dark, or City-Dark). (factory default)Brt LAST (last)In this setting, when you turn on Passport,the display will be the last brightness youhad selected during operation with the dimbutton. (factory default)Dark ALL (all)In this setting, when you select the darkmode using the dim button, Passport’sdisplay will be totally dark, without evendisplaying any power-on

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Interpreting AlertsAlthough Passport has a comprehensivewarning system and this handbook is ascomplete as we can make it, only experience will teach you what to expect fromyour Passport and how to interpret what ittells you. The specific type of radar beingused, the type of transmission (continuousor instant-on) and the location of the radarsource affect the radar alerts you receive.The following examples will give youan introduction to understanding Passport’swarning system for radar and lase

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How Radar WorksHow POP WorksHow Radar WorksRadar range also depends on the powerof the radar equipment itself. The strengthof the radar unit's beam diminishes withdistance. The farther the radar has to travel,the less energy it has for speed detection.Because intrusion alarms and motionsensors often operate on the samefrequency as X-Band radar, your Passportwill occasionally receive non-police radarsignals. Since these X-Band transmitters areusually contained inside of a building, oraimed toward

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How Laser WorksServiceHow Laser (Lidar) WorksThere are limitations to LIDARequipment. LIDAR is much more sensitiveto weather conditions than RADAR, and aLIDAR gun’s range will be decreased byanything affecting visibility such as rain, fog,or smoke. A LIDAR gun cannot operatethrough glass and it must be stationary inorder to get an accurate reading. BecauseLIDAR must have a clear line of sight and issubject to cosine error (an inaccuracy,which increases as the angle between thegun and the vehic

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TroubleshootingProblemSolutionProblemSolutionPassport beeps briefly at the samelocation every day, but no radarsource is in sight.• An X-band motion sensor or intrusion alarm is located withinrange of your route. With time, you will learn predictablepatterns of these signals.Passport will not turn on.• Check that volume control is ON.• Check that vehicle ignition is ON.• Check that vehicle lighter socket is functional.• Try Passport in another vehicle.Passport does not seem sensitive t

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2627 Yes  NoWould you like us to e-mail you with updates?6. Yes  NoWould you like to be added to our mailing list?5.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Primary reason for purchasing this ESCORT product_______________________________________4.8500 X50 Travel Case........................$19.95Escort offers an optional extended serviceplan. Contact Escort for details.Place of Purc

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