Zoom A2.1U Music Pedal User Manual

User manual for the device Zoom A2.1U Music Pedal

Zoom A2.1U Music Pedal User Manual

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eA21u.fm 1 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Operation Manual© ZOOM CorporationReproduction of this manual, in whole or in part,by any means, is prohibited.

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eA21u.fm 2 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Usage PrecautionsHandlingSAFETY PRECAUTIONSWarningIn this manual, symbols are used to highlight warnings andcautions for you to read so that accidents can be prevented. Themeanings of these symbols are as follows:This symbol indicates explanations about extremelydangerous matters. If users ignore this symbol andWarning handle the device the wrong way, serious injury ordeath could result.This

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eA21u.fm 3 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分ContentsSAFETY PRECAUTIONS Usage Precautions .................................... 2Features ............................................................................................... 4Terms Used in This Manual ................................................................ 5Controls and Functions / Connections ............................................. 6Selecting a Patch ..............................

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eA21u.fm 4 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分FeaturesThank you for selecting the ZOOM A2.1u (simply called the "A2.1u" in this manual). The A2.1u is asophisticated effect processor for acoustic guitar with the following features.● Latest technology for top performanceExcellent sound quality is assured by signal processing circuitry featuring 96 kHz/24 bit sampling andinternal 32-bit processing. Frequency response remains flat to 40 kHz, and signal-to-n

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eA21u.fm 5 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Terms Used in This ManualThis section explains some important terms that are used throughout the A2.1u documentation.INMODELMICCOMP/LIMITLO EQ■ Effect moduleAs shown in the illustration above, the A2.1u can bethought of as a combination of several single effects.Each of these is referred to as an effect module.Among others, there is a module for ZNR (ZOOMNoise Reduction), as well as a modeling (soundsimulati

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eA21u.fm 6 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Controls and Functions / ConnectionsTop PanelModule selectorSwitches between play/manual mode and editmode. In edit mode, the knob selects the modulefor operation.BANK [-]/[+] keysIn play mode and manual mode, the keys serve fordirectly switching to the next lower or higher bank.In edit mode, the keys switch the effect type for thecurrently selected module.[STORE] keyServes for storing edited patches in memory

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eA21u.fm 7 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Controls and Functions / ConnectionsParameter knobs 1 - 3These knobs allow changing the value of effect parameters or thelevel of the overall patch. During rhythm playback, the knobs letyou select a pattern, set the tempo, and adjust the rhythm volume.[PEDAL ASSIGN] keyThis key lets you select the function of the built-in expressionpedal. The currently selected function is shown by a lit LED.[MANUAL] keySwitch

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eA21u.fm 8 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Selecting a PatchWhile playing your instrument, try out various patches to see what the A2.1u can do.Turn power onUse a shielded cable with mono phone plugto connect your guitar to the [INPUT] jack ofthe A2.1u.To power the A2.1u from the AC adapter,plug the adapter into a wall outlet andplug the cable from the adapter into the[DC 9V] jack on the A2.1u.Set the [POWER] switch on the rearpanel of the A2.1u to ON.

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eA21u.fm 9 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Selecting a PatchAdjust tone and volumeTo adjust the effect sound and volume levels inplay mode, the Parameter knobs 1 – 3 can beused. Each knob controls a specific parameter.Parameter knob 1Mainly adjusts the MIXparameter of the MOD/EFXmodule (the level of theeffect sound mixed to theorignal sound).Parameter knob 3Adjusts the PATCHLEVEL parameter(output level of theentire patch).Parameter knob 2Adjusts the

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eA21u.fm 10 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Using the TunerThe A2.1u incorporates an auto-chromatic tuner. To use the tuner function, the built-in effects must bebypassed (temporarily turned off) or muted (original sound and effect sound turned off).Switch to bypass or muteSetting the A2.1u to the bypass conditionIn play mode (or manual mode), pressboth [W]/[Q] foot switches togetherbriefly and release.BPSetting the A2.1u to the mute conditionIn play m

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eA21u.fm 11 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Using the TunerAdjusting the reference pitch of the tunerIf required, you can fine-adjust the reference pitch of the A2.1u tuner.The default setting after power-on is center A = 440 Hz.Turn parameter knob 1.The current reference pitch is shown.The adjustment range is 35 – 45 (center A = 435 to 445 Hz).While the reference pitch value is shown, turnparameter knob 1 to adjust it.4042When you release the parame

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eA21u.fm 12 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Using the Rhythm FunctionThe A2.1u has a built-in rhythm function that plays realistic drum sounds in various patterns. The rhythmfunction is available in play mode or in the bypass/mute condition.Set the A2.1u to playmode (or manual mode)If the Module selector is set to a positionother than "PLAY", set it to "PLAY".HINTThe rhythm function can be used both inplay mode and manual mode.Start the rhythmfunctionT

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eA21u.fm 13 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Using the Rhythm FunctionAdjust the rhythm volumeTo adjust the rhythm volume, turnparameter knob 3.25When you turn the parameter knob, the currentsetting (0 – 30) is shown on the display.Adjust the tempoThe rhythm pattern tempo can be adjusted in therange of 40 – 250 BPM (beats per minute).To continuously change the rhythmtempo, turn parameter knob 2.By connecting a foot switch (FS01) tothe [CONTROL IN] j

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eA21u.fm 14 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Editing a PatchThe patches of the A2.1u can be freely edited by changing the effect parameter settings. Try editing thecurrently selected patch to create your own sound.Select the effect moduleTurn the Module selector to select theeffect module to edit. The followingsettings are available.(5)(1) MODEL module(4)(6)(7)(2) MIC module(3)(3) COMP/LIMIT module(4) LO EQ module(2)(5) HI EQ module(1)(6) ZNR module(7)

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eA21u.fm 15 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Editing a PatchTerminate the edit modeTo terminate the edit mode and returnto the play mode, set the Moduleselector to the "PLAY" position.A2.1u returns to play mode (or manual mode).NOTEWhen you select another patchafter editing, the changes you havemade in edit mode will be lostunless you store the patch first. Toretain the changes, store the patchas described on page 16.Change the parametervalueTo change t

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eA21u.fm 16 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Storing/Copying PatchesAn edited patch can be stored in a bank of the user area (A – d). It is also possible to store an existing patchin another location to create a copy.In play mode, manualmode, or edit mode,press the [STORE] key.The bank and patch number are shownon the display as a flashing indication.A0NOTEPatches of banks in the preset area (0 –3) are read-only. No patches can bestored or copied in

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eA21u.fm 17 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Storing/Copying PatchesTo cancel the store processTo cancel the store process, operate theModule selector before pressing the [STORE]key again (step).Press the [STORE]key once moreWhen the store/copy process iscompleted, the unit returns to theprevious mode, with the targetpatch being selected.D4Specify the store/copy targetpatch numberTo specify the store/copy target patch number, usethe [W]/[Q] foot switche

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eA21u.fm 18 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Using the Built-in Expression PedalThe expression pedal on the top panel of the A2.1u lets you adjust effect parameters or the volume in realtime during play, or alter the feedback control frequency. Which element is controlled by the pedal can beselected for each patch individually.Select the patch for which the expressionpedal is to be usedSelect the element to becontrolled by theexpression pedalPress the [

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eA21u.fm 19 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Using the Built-in Expression PedalOperate the pedalMove up or downWhile playing yourinstrument, move theexpression pedal up or down.To switch a moduleon or offWhen you push the expressionpedal fully down, theparameter or module selectedwith the [PEDAL ASSIGN] keywill be switched between onand off.Push fully downHINT• When the expression pedal is assignedto the TONE parameter, the MODELmodule can be switche

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eA21u.fm 20 ページ 2005年11月4日 金曜日 午後5時23分Using the Feedback ControlThe feedback control function of the A2.1u allows automatic or manual detection of the frequency rangewhere acoustic feedback occurs. This frequency range is then attenuated to eliminate feedback. Thefeedback control function can be set in edit mode and can also be operated by foot switch or the built-inexpression pedal.2.Manual operation offeedback controlThis section describes how